The worst part about finishing a book…..that’s part of a series…

Posted: January 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s kinda odd. It’s pretty hard to explain. When you write a book in such a short period of time you are living in their world almost in real time. The strange part is, you don’t want to leave. Or moreover you feel like you can’t. Have you ever not wanted to leave a party in case something cool happens after you’ve gone? That’s the problem with taking a break in writing for me.

Alchemy Reigns is the first series I have written. Although Emblem Divide has a sequel, it is fairly well defined. At this stage, Alchemy Reigns is largely still open. I have a ton of material and ideas, but how they slot together and how the story will weave is still unclear. It is because of this that I find it really hard to take a break. It’s like going on holiday without your camera. You don’t want to do anything cool, in case you forget it on your return.

Characters run around in your head. They have adventures, like testing the water almost. Is this a good scene Pete? Do you like the way I acted here? It’s like they are trying to impress me sometimes. Seriously though, they often come up with something really cool. The problem is, with cool things, you want to explore them. With the exploration comes solidity and when solidity happens, you want to write it down.

Sure, you can make notes, but notes do not do it justice. Imagine watching twenty minutes of a film and writing three sentences about it. You just can’t capture the detail of those twenty minutes in three sentences. It is impossible. The more you try to distance yourself from the characters, the longer it takes to get back into the story once you are ready to write again.

Taking a break is hard. Very hard.


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