Ya gotta save every penny (well second)

Posted: January 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Time is a wondrous thing. We complain when we don’t have enough of it and we complain when we have too much of it. There is a balance to strike and that balance is often very difficult to get right. I’ve been feeling the effects of time a lot recently. (Yah I’m getting old I know!) When writing Alchemy Reigns, it’s been very difficult to justify doing activities that are not writing. I have learnt to optimise my time to some pretty good levels, just to make more time for writing.

Before my office moved, I had more time to write. It wasn’t just a function of time, but of opportunity. I used to take the train and so I had time when I was waiting at the station, plus time when I was travelling on the train. I also used to write during my lunch break, something I am probably going to start doing a lot more again. Now I cycle to work there is no opportunity for that, so I have to find other ways to get writing time. It is difficult, but I’ll never forget the quote from one of the Star Trek films. “If something is important enough, you make the time.” It is too true.

Writing is so important to me right now. It is an outlet and it is also a way for me to get some ideas across. So now, often I get up at 6:00am, to get in an hour of totally uninterrupted quality writing time. However, it is also important to make time for other things. It is a balance and it’s the balance that has been hard to find. It is hard to justify time away from the book. “If I do more now, I’ll finish quicker.” Well no. The book has a life of its own. It doesn’t matter how much time I put in. It will be finished when it is ready.

I have learnt that it is OK to spend time not writing and doing other things. There was a little struggle this morning about if I should blog or write more, but I figured that this was an important message to send out. If you have a project which is really important to you. Take time out once in a while to do something else. The project will still be there afterwards. Spend time with your family, and just relax. In our busy lives, we all need time to just chill once in a while.



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