Living two lives??!?

Posted: January 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

I never realised before how difficult staying grounded is whilst writing a book. When I’m writing I’m immersed in another world. Totally. There is no getting away from that. If you are not in that other world completely then you can not fully realise and understand its underlying structure, what makes it tick, its themes and philosophies. You need to live in two worlds. There is your day job life, where you get up, spend time with your family, make dinner, sleep, etc and then there is your nightlife, where you exist as multiple characters in an alternate world where the sky could be falling and the ground shaking.

The problem is the strain it puts on you as a person. For me personally it is almost like an addiction. In my previous post I mentioned about learning to take time away from writing. It is an incredibly difficult thing to do. The other world calls to you, invites you in for a little chat and a cup of tea. You feel compelled to stay for a while, it’s rude to just get up and walk out right? You have so many characters and voices running around inside your head that it’s often quite deafening and the only way to silence the noise is to write. To let them escape.

Sometimes I get a little writers block. Generally this happens when the story doesn’t have a place to go. When the characters do not have a path or a destiny. I write like a crazy person. I have Point A (the start) and Point Z (the end) and maybe a few points along the way. My writing is just me trying to get them through each of those points. The points are the cool places. The awesome chapters I have been longing to write. When those dry up, my characters just flounder and sit around looking at each other. This is when I get a break from it all.

Then the ideas pour in. Over this last week I have had major ideas for all of the current characters. I have the extra waypoints in the path. Problem is now, those paths start to form and when they form, there is no way to unform them. My brain acts like a buffer, it fills up with ideas and the only way to get them out to make room and to satisfy myself, is to write!

All in all though I just have to say that I am loving writing Alchemy more than Emblem Divide I think. Who knows where this journey will take both them and me. There is a lot planned, that’s all I’ll say, could be three books, could be more. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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