It’s been a long time – How have you been? (Progress Report)

Posted: December 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

So, it has been almost a year since I wrote on this blog last. It doesn’t feel like, and yet it does at the same time. There is progress to report, great progress. Gone are the days when I was uncertain about the book. Gone are the days when the story of Alchemy Reigns was not coming together right. I guess with all my storied it takes about a year before they really sink in. This was definitely true in the case of AR.

The book is very much on track, with an estimated completion time of about two months away. This means that by the end of February, you should have a whole new story to get your teeth into. The best part? I see AR being at least a two book series probably more like four or even five. It is not a story I could ever tell in one book.

Each novel will focus on a different theme and I can tell you for sure that the weird mixture of technology, sci-fi, love and thriller is back once more. Early access to the novel has been met with some great feedback and I can not wait to release this one. As you all know, in the past, I released Emblem Divide as a serialised novel, one chapter every two days. I thought it was a great plan to begin with, so that I could read along with you all and know where you all were in the story.

This time will be different. This time I will release the entire book online at once. It’s not fair for me to dictate your reading speed and I feel it may have put some people off. So no worries guys, the entire book with be online right from day one (whenever that will be).

Once again thank you for all the encouragement. I will update you again soon. As it stands now, the book is already a third of the length of Emblem Divide 🙂


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