Writers block?? – Not really!

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well, I am here sitting at the keyboard after suffering a six hour migraine.  Yes, they happen.  No, I’m not fussed.  I’m not going to sit here for hours on end writing, when staring at the screen is going to only make things worse.  I’ve been musing on why I haven’t been able to really get stuck into writing more AR.  I mean, the last time I really wrote anything as before Christmas.  What does that say?

Well, AR is trickier to write than ED.  It’s interesting to me to discover why.  I’m not touting myself as an amazing author, sometimes when I write these things I feel like I sound a little pretentious.  Which I don’t want at all!  But some other part of me thinks that you guys may find it interesting and if there are any of you out there that are writers yourselves, you may be able to take something away from this.

ED had a very definite ending.  Though the process of getting there changed and the details were altered, there was always a very definite finishing point.  There was also a very definite climax to the story and anyone who has read it will know that it builds up to a point and then just runs to the end, kinda like with most books really, I guess.  With AR, I started with a concept.  I actually amalgamated two story ideas I had been played, as I mentioned in the last post.  The difficulty here is that both of them had their relative storylines.  In combining the two together I’ve had to make compromises along the way to enable the two stories to mesh.  Whether this is subconscious or conscious I don’t know, but it has happened.  The difficulty I face with AR is that I went in with an entirely simple concept based story, as opposed to the very strong feeling I had with ED.  Readers of ED, take note, that final scene in the Epilogue, sans dialogue, was something that had been in my mind since the very beginning.  I longed to get to that point, it was my drive.

AR started life with a scene.  I had the ideas for the universe, but ultimately, it was this scene which started everything.  When I release the book, and I doubt this will change, the first scene in the book was actually the first one that I had in mind.  I went for a different approach on starting the book.  I just let it flow.  The interesting thing is that when I offered the chance for Damien to read the first chapter, something different happened.  The feedback really affected the way I wanted to take the story.

Damien commented on one of the characters, asked if there was more back story available.  In thinking about the back story, I created a whole new character, and this is where the second story idea that I had been playing with was brought in.  It was a real moment of clarity, a feeling that it was almost meant to be.  The two meshed really really well.  My problem then was separating the two ideas enough, whittling them down into concepts, rather than full blown ideas, so that I could bring them back together again.  This new character actually changed the entire way that the story was going.

AR is going to be a very soulful novel.  It’s going to deal with some pretty hard issues for the characters, and I gotta say a big thank you to Damien for this, because if it wasn’t for his feedback on the initial works, it may have turned out very differently.  I have the events in mind for the characters and each of them are working and weaving into a story, but I still don’t have my defining point and I think I need to find this before I can totally embrace the story.  With ED, and I have said this before, the ending few chapters, I longed to get to so much, but at the same time I knew that when I did, the book was over.  So all the while there was an internal struggle between drawing the story out, adding more and more depth to the characters, and writing the bits that I really wanted to write.  In some ways it was exciting, and in others quite heart breaking.  ED was my life for over a month and a half, these characters were so so important to me, they embodied much of me, much of the internal struggles I was facing at the time of writing.

I will often speak out the roles in important conversations on my way to work, playing out characters conversations and really trying to reflect on their emotions and reasons for their actions.  I have done this more with AR than I think I ever did with ED, one character in particular really needs to stand out above all the others.  In the same way that there were certain characters in ED that did the same.

Overall, I really really enjoy the writing process, and I know that once I have fleshed the story out a little more and have my ending, I’ll be good to go again.  I need that drive, I need that excitement.  I love exciting plots, I love exciting reveals.  These keep me going and I am pretty happy with what I achieved with ED.  There is no reason for AR to be any different 🙂



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